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Dimension documentation, openings Windows/doors


I mainly use Archicad for documentation from either PDF or DWG file format, using zone tool and dimensioning document function I want to simplify this process. And there must be a simple way to do this, I just cant find it.


What I want is to measure the openings. and not the wall width. (see screenshot.) I presume this has something to do with the geometry method, but I cant get it to work. Driving me crazy. 




Barry Kelly

I am not quite sure I understand.

If you want to dimension just the openings, you can.

You would have to dimension each one separately, or dimension all together as you have shown and then delete the wall panel dimensions.



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Id like to dimension all of them together so I wont have to individually click them, so deleting the measurements of the wall panels would be enough, but how? 

Selecting and pressing delete does nothing, cant rightclick with any functions in the drop down menu. I suppose I could change the size to be like 0,000001 mm, but thats not what I am looking for. 


Hello. I think you could try Automatic Dimensioning options if you don't want to select the points by hand.

Here's how you add automatic dimensions:

• Select the desired segment that you want to be dimensioned

• Go to Document > Annotation > Automatic Dimensioning > Exterior/Interior Dimensions


See photo:



Then this new window appears in which you have to set the dimensioning options:



You can control the dimension types you want to display, (Overall Dimension, Dimension External Geometry, Dimension Structures, Dimension Openings) also set the anchor points at the edge or the center of the openings and the distance between dimension lines.


Finally, click okay, then click the wall reference (Blue) line and click somewhere with your left mouse to place the Dimension.


If you're better learner from videos, you can check this tutorial about How to Create Automatic Dimensions 

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