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Site Plan

Hi, I am new to Archicad, is there a method to view the entire model from the top for creating my site plan? I have checked all relevant levels are turned on, floor plan setting for these elements are set to 'show on all storeys'. but still, some ele...

Resolved! Randomise surface texture on Cadimage Wall Covering tool

Is it possible to randomise the surface texture while using the Cadimage Wall Covering tool? In this example (attached) with a shiplap application, because the shiplap boards are repeating, so is the applied surface which is fairly unrealistic.I rend...

Walls not intersecting

These walls all intersected properly and I changed the strength of the drywall and this happened. I returned the drywall strength back to it's previous number but the walls still don't intersect. help?

Resolved! Surface appears distroted

Hi, for some reason, given that the walls are correctly drawn, in some edges, the surface material appears distorted (As you can see in the image). Anyone knows how to fix this?

Screenshot 2022-06-08 at 17.15.30.png
HBM_ARQ by Participant
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Resolved! Schedule - Error

Schedule count & information (e.g., Related Zone Name) get effected by layers, which are turned ON/OFF from the open plan view. One can add criteria in Schedules for layers to include or exclude but schedule count gets changed based on open plan view...

Stair - Up & Down Text

Review attached reference image for sample staircase going from Ground floor to first floor (just going one story up). How to remove Down text from bottom story plan and remove Up text from top story plan, for this same stair, per attached image. Bec...

Resolved! BIMx - Unable to create messages for most projects

Several colleagues use BIMx on their iPad when visiting construction sites.Using the Sent Message feature they are able to make annotations which appear in the messages within our Teamwork projects. Sadly, we aren't able to use this feature on all th...

Resolved! 2D door representation - Archicad

Hello there , i need to change the 2D door representation to look like the standard Archicad door (Second image) , currently its only showing as single lines. As i wasnt the original creator of the template im not sure how i can change it back. Any h...

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Crash when moving content in a drawing bounding box

I am running AC25 (5010) on macOS X Monterey (12.4). I am seeing an issue where every time I move content in a bounding box on a layout, Archicad crashes. This is consistent across a number of files I am working on at the moment (and highly annoying,...