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Test for Perpendicular to Section Cut

So I'm working on a 3d framing object for wood framing (and eventually converting to metal studs)... It's been working great for 15 years, but now I want to add INSULATION to the object (more of a line graphic for sections than actual insulation)... ...

ID Manager for Custom Properties

I can not figure out an easy way to have a custom property create a unique ID for each element that the property is assigned to. Does anyone know how to do this. I prefer to not use the Element ID - but it looks like the only choice or to manually se...

gdford by Advisor
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Resolved! complex profile custom edge settings

I am using the pet pallet in the profile manager, choosing custom edge settings to change the surface for a wall. I select a new surface and click "Apply". But it is not working. What am I doing wrong?

Archicad dashed lines & ISO 128-2

Hi, So I was trying to recreate the line types from ISO 128-2 as a basis for a new template.I realized that unfortunately this isn't currently possible because ISO defines distances between dashed/dotted lines in relation to the line width and Archic...

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Texture changes when saving PDF AchiCAd25

Hi dear experts of Archicad! Please advise on resolving following issue: I have created kitchen sections and placed it on layout of document to save in PDF with additional project details. Somehow textures of roundish objects do not show correctly in...

Pandazaj by Participant
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Renovation Filter challenges

I see there are two recent problems in documenting and scheduling windows by using renovation filters and till now no obvious solution so is it a bug or what? Pls help.

How to accomplish a view like this?

I need to illustrate a full space-modell somewhat like this:In my project, the different colours is based on a certain property and a GO. All good. But how do I stretch them out like that? I know for instance BimVision kan do that, but it doesn't tak...

Kamelite by Enthusiast
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Resolved! Properties and Classifications vs Listing

I am new from AC 20 to 25. Providing detailed material list has been a vital part of my work. I have unfortunately discovered a bad bug (you can't link a composite to a property object) so support is suggesting I should go ahead and switch to Propert...