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Drawing Title


Hello everyone
I have a tricky issue to solve :
I placed one drawing in the layout and I want to show two different scales in the same drawing title. The reason why I do it this way is that sometimes I need to print the layout using different sizes ( A1 size: 1/100, A3 size: 1/200).  Could someone help me to solve this issue? 
Thanks for reading.


Screenshot 2023-09-27 111936.png



Coding of the title would do it,

if the variable "ac_drawingScale" is in the title, that gets auto populated by the program as text i.e. 1:50



if ac_drawingScale # "" then

   !ac_drawingScale has been auto populated

      !ac_drawingScale gets split into aax = 1, aay = ":" aaz = scale, i.e. aaz = 50 as anumber

      if VARTYPE(aaz) = 1 then    

          !CHECKS IF aaz is a number variable type

          text2 0,0,"A1: SCALE=1:"+STR(aaz,1,0)+"-----A3: SCALE=1:"+STR(aaz*2,1,0)    

           !STR(aaz,1,0) turns number back to text to combine with other text, i.e. "50"

           !STR(aaz*2,1,0) doubles the number and turns number back to text to combine with other text, i.e. "100"

            !output text  A1: SCALE=1:Scale-----A3: SCALE=1:doubleScale

            !i.e.  A1: SCALE=1:50-----A3: SCALE=1:100




I am up to page 4,152 of Archicad 27 Reference Guide, (Bluebeam Connection), but i got to read it all 😞
don't tell 'em i cheated by reading the last page first to see how it ends 🙂

Thanks for your answer. But I am still confused because I don't know where I should paste the code. 

Unless you do it manually with plain text, you would need to code it into your title object.


File => Libraries & Objects => Open Object by Subtype... => General GDL Object => Documentation Symbol => Drawing Title


Your title should be listed at the above location. BUT, I assume you have not meddled with GDL before, so making the suggested modifications may not be the very practical...




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Ok. Thanks for your contribution.


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