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Column complex profile and schedules

I've made two complex profiles and then made a segmented column.Here is a screenshot from the 3D window And from segment Top and bottom complex profiles are just like slabs middle section everything is 3 cm thick. And all that represents the insulate...

filip_0-1655127041845.png filip_1-1655127064441.png filip_2-1655127103351.png filip_3-1655127121572.png
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Window and Door Customization in Archicad 25

Check out my latest Archicad Tutorial. In this video I talk about custom door leafs, custom door handles, window ganging, and the different wall closure options for windows. #Archicad #archicad25

Resolved! Layout info in GDL

I am trying to find the parameter that represents the drawing WIDTH in GDL... I know it exists because Graphisoft's titles take advantage of it and it is clearly shown in every drawing in the layout in the SETTINGS dialog.. In addition, I have my own...

Stair - Up & Down Text

Review attached reference image for sample staircase going from Ground floor to first floor (just going one story up). How to remove Down text from bottom story plan and remove Up text from top story plan, for this same stair, per attached image. Bec...