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Dimension Text Baseline


I know this has been brought up before.

But why can we not control the baseline of the text for Dimensions?


I have been asked to solve this simple problem in the office but even in Archicad 27 it cannot be fixed with out a tedious amount of work.

I know there is an object that can be downloaded that mimics the look of dimensions and which uses the baseline of fonts, but it does not link to construction elements so has to be updated manually.


This is really frustrating. There is nothing about documentation improvements in the Archicad roadmap, so I have no idea when the Dimension tool will be improved.


Operating system used: Mac Intel-based Monterey


Dimension Text Baseline 1.png


Dimension Text Baseline 2.png


Dimension Text Baseline 3.png


Graphisoft Certified Archicad BIM Manager - AC6 to AC25/AC26 macOS Ventura

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