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TIP: Fill Area Text position is scale-dependent


I'm putting this here in case it helps others. It caused me a couple of hours of hair-pulling. I also only found similar-sounding issues but not this one in the forum. My apologies if it's already there and I missed it. Here it goes:


Create a fill with area text showing. Place the text block somewhere. Then select the area text itself (ie not the fill - just the text) and move it to a new location. Then change the view's scale. The text will jump to its previous location (ie the initial one, where you'd placed it with the hammer) once the scale changes.


If you go back to the scale you had when you moved the text from the initial to the new location, then it will show at the correct (ie the new) location.


You're welcome, and if you already knew this (or, worse even for me, you know where it's published in Archicad documentation) my apologies for wasting your minute here.

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