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.BIMx back to Archicad

Hello. We have a problem. Due to war with russians our team member lost a computer (and apartment with home office obviously too) with all original data in .pln, .pla, .pdf, etc. Now we have only .BIMx crap of a model. We are trying to return to work...

Slabs on top of slabs

Is there a way to show a slab with dashed outlines only when its drawn beneath another slab so that the outlines remain solid when the lower slab runs past the upper slab? Like this? (Please ignore the white hatching)

Screenshot 2022-06-10 160303.png

Resolved! Glass Guardrail Transparency

I'm having an issue with my guardrails displaying with a solid fill. I've tried changing the fill type, surface/transmittance, and symbol fills. What I would like to see is the guardrail panel appear transparent so that you can see what is beyond it....

Resolved! Deciduous trees 24 orientation

I am trying to rotate the deciduous trees 24 object exactly how I want it, but there seems to be some kind of automatic orientation built into the object where it snaps to certain angles. Is there a way to control this or turn it off? (I am actually ...

Site Plan

Hi, I am new to Archicad, is there a method to view the entire model from the top for creating my site plan? I have checked all relevant levels are turned on, floor plan setting for these elements are set to 'show on all storeys'. but still, some ele...