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Test for Perpendicular to Section Cut

So I'm working on a 3d framing object for wood framing (and eventually converting to metal studs)... It's been working great for 15 years, but now I want to add INSULATION to the object (more of a line graphic for sections than actual insulation)... ...

ID Manager for Custom Properties

I can not figure out an easy way to have a custom property create a unique ID for each element that the property is assigned to. Does anyone know how to do this. I prefer to not use the Element ID - but it looks like the only choice or to manually se...

gdford Advisor
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Archicad dashed lines & ISO 128-2

Hi, So I was trying to recreate the line types from ISO 128-2 as a basis for a new template.I realized that unfortunately this isn't currently possible because ISO defines distances between dashed/dotted lines in relation to the line width and Archic...

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