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Resolved! Trace & Reference not lining up

I have been using Trace & Reference for a few years and it's working just fine. There is 1 particular file that has a bug in it and I'm not sure how to fix it.I already have several stories. I created a new story (let's call it 4th story) to paste my...

dhnguyen by Contributor
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Need help, All my drawings become blank in my layoutbook?

All my details in my layout book become blank after its auto-update, but when I "open-source view",  I still can see them in view map and worksheet. The only thing I changed is that I copied another detail from another Cad project to my worksheets. M...

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Visibility Issue with Site Layout of Sloping Site

Hi.I have a sloping site that contains three buildings, all at different levels. To keep things simple I have placed the building models as hotlink modules onto a terrain mesh of the entire site.I would like to know the best way to create a site layo...

slimer90 by Participant
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AC25 surfaces preview bug?

For some reason when I create a new surface, even if I duplicate the 'Exposure to light' parameters exactly of another surface, the resulting preview is always either glaring white, or pitch black Below is a standard built in Archicad colour - previe...

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Change tool Cloud display

hello, I placed change markers in the plan view, but they appear in all stories, i didn't find a story settings for them, how to make them appear only where they are placed ? Thanks

Round column not showing in 3D

I have some round columns who's edges seem to not show on 3D. The column is there, but the edges seem to be white.This visibility is set to "White Model", but when I change it to "simple shading" the column is clearly visible. Does anybody know how I...

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