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Archicad crashes upon moving the drawing inside its bounding box

Andre Picamilho

Greetings, AC Community.


This topic was previously discussed but I believe no solution was given back then. I've been dealing with this issue, whenever I try to move the content inside a bounding box, Archicad crashes. 


Sharing the bugID below:







macOS Monterey 12.6.3 | Intel UHD Graphics 1536MB | 64 GB MHz DDR4 RAM | Archicad 25 (6000)


Andre Picamilho

Is anyone facing something similar? 

Karl Ottenstein

You say this has been previously discussed, but I have never seen this topic raised.  Perhaps you can give a link to the prior discussion?


Do I understand correctly that you have placed a drawing, and optionally changed the clipping polygon on the layout sheet - and that then when you move the drawing inside the clipping polygon Archicad crashes with Archicad 25 build 6000?  What localization/language version?


Copying a bugID here accomplishes little.  The bug ID is only useful to technical support, and this is a user forum.  Did you contact technical support with your bug ID?



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Andre Picamilho


Hi Karl,


Thanks for your reply. 


Before sharing this problem with the community, I've seen this (or a similar) topic. Please see the link below:


Correct, Archicad crashes whenever I try to move the drawing inside the clipping polygon. I'm currently with Archicad 25 build 6000 USA FULL. 


I ended up sharing the bugID since it's often requested when reporting a crash. Sorry for that. And no, I haven't yet contacted technical support, only sent it via the bug report pop-up window after each crash. 





macOS Monterey 12.6.3 | Intel UHD Graphics 1536MB | 64 GB MHz DDR4 RAM | Archicad 25 (6000 USA FULL)




Andre Picamilho

Following up on this topic... 

It seems others can not replicate the problem.

Have you contacted you local support and asked them to follow up on that bug ID?



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