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Column complex profile and schedules


I've made two complex profiles and then made a segmented column.

Here is a screenshot from the 3D window




And from segment



Top and bottom complex profiles are just like slabs



middle section





everything is 3 cm thick.


And all that represents the insulated window frame.

The reason why I went with this was because I have the existing house and I need to add the new insulated facade. I need to insulate the existing windows, so the existing walls and windows are in the existing renovation filter, and the insulated facade is in the new renovation filter.


I need to set up the schedules to get the amount of thermal insulation, and for that, I need the area of the exterior face only. 

How do I create that schedule?





Brian Spears

Try a Complex Profile Beam instead of a Column. One CP instead of two. Schedule the "Cross Section Area at Top/End".

Brian Spears
BIM Manager, Steele Group Architects
Winston-Salem, NC
AC26 USA on macOS

Complex Profile beam is defintitely the way to go. You can set the stretch modifiers to be at the hole. Then one Profile can change height/width of the hole while preserving the thickness of the insulation. You could do additional modifiers if you want to change the thickness of the insulation. See the image below for the schedule and criteria to show area, volume, and length.


Complex Profile Beam Cross Section.pngSchedule of Beam area, length, and volume.png

Jared Banks, AIA
Shoegnome Architects

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Thanks for the help! I've managed to model it, although I had to split each side in the complex profile to get the schedules to work.

From schedules, I'm able to get the area of the top and the area of one side, so I'll just double that later.


Thanks again



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