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Cropping plan in model view


Hi All,


New AC user here coming from Revit. 


I'd like to know if there is a way to crop the plan in the working model view in AC. 


For example there are 3 different buildings in one project that are hotlinked into a central master file for layout/print etc. They all have different orientation in different places. I want to focus one one building at a time to develop documentation drawings, so is there a way to crop the model view to show just building 1 instead of the overall site plan with all 3 buildings?


Again this might be a workflow/mindset from Revit, where I can duplicate a plan view and then activate the section box (or whatever it's called) which allows to me define a region that will be visible in the view and crop out everything else. 


Any helps would be appreciated! Cheers!

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Karl Ottenstein

Your zoom setting is saved with a view.  You can’t crop everything else out, but you can save as many views as you want that are zoomed to a particular area, in this case perhaps each building.

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Laszlo Nagy
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Community Admin

When you place a Hotlinked Module into a Project File, there is a so-called "Master Layer" that you have to select for it. If you hide this Master Layer, the whole content of the Hotlinked Module will be hidden. Using this technique you can define separate Layers to act as Master Layers for your various Hotlinked Modules, and then you can create Layer Combinations in which one or another of these Hotlinked Modules are hidden (because their Master Layer is turned OFF). Then you can save Views that use these Layer Combinations and then by activating these saved Views you can quickly switch from displaying one building to another.

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