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Differing values in multiple selected objects.


_c_ I've stumbled upon this post looking for help on something else, but unfortunately I too believe that this unclear property/parameter overriding behaviour built in to ArchiCAD is substandard at best, and downright dangerous/risky at worst.


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ArchiCAD doesn't let you know that even though you applied the property change, that it may not necessarily have been applied to all the objects you selected which is downright appalling.


Coming from Revit this is a clear problem and terrible UX for a person using the program efficiently.


Unfortunately after using ArchiCAD for years following using Revit and Archicad for many, many years I've got a long list of basic UX complaints for ArchiCAD which seemingly are by design unfortunately - so very unlikely to be fixed. This is just one of them.




Why can't a field be blank, when on multiple selection the values diverge?

I can't see how this would be bad for Archicad.

There are BTW few cases where this is really like that, but not on object basis.


Or have it say "Various" as it does if you have different views selected and open the settings.




But we are going off the original topic, so I will split this of into another separate thread.




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