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Documentation2 with shortcuts instead of PDF files

Does anyone know if you can use shortcuts in the Documentation2 folder rather than the actual pdf file?


I don't have administrator access to our office computers and it's a pain to have IT involved every time I want to update a PDF file, not to mention that it has to be done on every computer. 


I thought I'd ask here before I get our IT department involved in testing this.

AC27 USA - build 4060

Sorry, I had written Help2 folder in my original post instead of Documentation2 folder.


Still trying to figure this out

AC27 USA - build 4060

I just tried adding a shortcut to a PDF file and it didn't work.

Seems it must be an actual PDF file.


There is also WWW2 where you can paste a URL for a web page (file shortcuts don't work there either).

Maybe you can create a web page and store all your PDFs there?



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Thanks Barry for the quick reply!


I'm still waiting for our IT department to get back to me and 'm not sure if the web page would work for us as I don't have access for that either.


I think I'll create a single PDF with a list of links in it - that way I can still edit the files that are linked in that PDF.

AC27 USA - build 4060

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