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Dragging interior elevations to a layout on a single sheet

I create interior elevations for every room of a house design. I want to know if there is a setting that allows me to select a large quantity of interior elevations to be placed into a single layout sheet. Currently, when I do that, Archicad generates a new sheet for every elevation when I drag and drop he group on a sheet. I can fit about 20 elevations on a sheet.

Currently, I drag the first IE on the folder and it creates a sheet with the name of the IE. I go back and rename the sheet and move the drawing into location on the sheet. Then I have to drag every IE individually to the sheet so a new sheet is not created. But if I can do that with one, I should be able to do that with multiple IEs. Right?

Also, as I drag them over one at a time, all the IEs pile up on each other an I need to sort them out. It would be nice to know how to get them to come in side by side.
Todd Oeftger
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Barry Kelly
I don't use IE at all but I just tried.
Create the views of the IE and then drag those views from the View Map (groups or just the individual elevations) onto the open layout page.

How they arrange themselves on the layout will depend on the setting for 'Drawing Placement' that you have set up in your Mater Layouts.
It may also depend if you have other drawings (views) already on the layout as the auto-placement will continue on from those.

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