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Editing terrain is not showing in twinmotion

Roopa A

When I open the file in Twinmotion, the editing terrain option is not showing.

For other projects it is showing, but for this , its not coming.

I have Stilt  + GF + 4F, the terrain is showing for the GF level, but I need to move it down to the Stilt Floor,

where there is road and all is shown.

I have attached the screenshot.


I checked the videos also, but din't get the solution.



Roopa A S

The base terrain can only be moved up and down. You need to pan while it's selected and you will find the movement controls.

Roopa A

No, it is not showing,


Roopa A S
Emre Senoglu

Try pressing F and the camera should focus on the ground plane. You might be able to see it then.

If you still dont, make sure it is selected (either in the viewport or if you cant be sure, then in the scene manager on the right) and then move it around using the transform palette. You can see how to find the transform palette here:



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Holy crap I never knew about this!  I only have done it in the view window!  This will make moving mountains I've imported much easier!

Ya I got it, by pressing F key, I can see the axis and adjusted the landscape


Thank you so much

Roopa A S

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