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Option to ‘hide selection’ in Graphic Overwrite


With Graphic Overwrite you can only change the linestyle, pen, color, foreground and background fill, surface etc. I’d like the possibility to ‘hide’ objects that’s relates to the criteria. It would make Archicad more flexible. 


Yes, AC should move to a criteria based approach to visibility but I don't think it should be done through GO as that would just add to the mess we have now regarding which elements are shown and how.  Rather it should be done through a new dialog which also would make it possible to consolidate already implemented visibility functionality and realise the the potential that now is wasted on a limited feature as model compare.


One dialog to control visibility. 

One dialog to control the "modes of representation".

One dialog to control the "means of representation" .


GS developers have been directly told of this improvement to the GO system. Its not coming in v26 so lets hope they include it v27. The entire ecosystem of viewset options needs a clean up as various things have been added individually over the years, all good additions, but it would be nice to wrap it all up in one view management system

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