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Elevation benchmark display in 3D views




In a section view, elevation benchmarks corresponding to Stories are displayed per Section View Settings, but how does one add additional benchmarks such as important plate heights?  


For example, a section for a residential renovation project displays the plate height of the roof story, but how do I indicate the height of a second new roof having a plate height a couple feet higher?  Additionally, there are new plate heights of floor levels in addition to the original ones which will remain in the project.  


Simply put, how do I add dashed elevation benchmarks lines to Sections and Elevations, in addition to those showing Story levels, without adding new Stories to the project?  I know that I can do this manually in each view, but I am hoping that there is a way to do this more efficiently, such as an option in the view settings to display Reference levels that I add to the project as needed.



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Gerald Hoffman

Hi Loutro,


You can use Stories for other things besides the actual Stories in your project. Attached are a Front Elevation showing other reference levels and the corresponding Story Settings in the project.


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Hi Gerald,  I'm sorry I overlooked your response.  I find that adding extra stories causes display problems in plan.  After adding a new story between existing stories, the cut plane heights for each get automatically adjusted and don't reflect the actual height above the story that it was originally set to.  Additionally, if a project has more than one building with stories at different elevations, the floor plan view of one does not show the plan correctly of the other.  This is a problem with a small project where I want to show plans of both buildings just as they sit on the site near each other.


To my original question, it seems odd to me that there is not a way to establish several or more reference elevations for a project, the graphics for which could be turned on or off per elevation or section view.



Barry Kelly

For adjustable storey markers there are 3rd party objects available (some may be free, others - $$$).

But I am not sure if they allow you to add levels that are not actual storeys.

I am sure someone has created an object to show additional levels - it is just a matter of finding it.


You could just add your own text - but of course it would not be linked to heights of elements if they change.

Or you could use the elevation/height label (I can't remember what it is called - there may well be both).

The label can be customised to show what you want and it will link to the heights of elements.



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