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Error: Cannot Write Temporary Section File

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Argh. So when going to a sheet in the Layout book, I get "Error: Cannot Write XXXX Temporary Section File". This happens on quite a few sheets, and most of the time the "XXXX Temporary Section File" that Archicad is referring to isnt even on that Sheet, and sometimes not even linked to a Sheet in the Layout Book. What is causing this error, and how do I get rid of that? Please tell me it is possible...

Possibly related question: It takes forever (2-5 minutes) to generate a singular sheet with a few exterior elevations linked to it. I feel that it really shouldn't be taking this long, the project is less than 8,000 sf and doesn't have any "complex" modeling/geometries (that I know of). Are there any tips to decreasing the time it takes to generate these elevation sheets?

Additionally, when I go to save the sheets to an indivdual PDF, it takes 30+ minutes to generate the PDF (there are less than 40 sheets in the set). Is this normal/expected?

Thanks for any suggestions, this is really a drag...

I am running Archicad 10, with the latest patches/libraries on Windows XP.

Erika Epstein
Sounds like you have a 3D element that has errors in it. Can you generate the project in the 3D window?

In your work environment turn on the error report, even just a short one so you get error messages. That error message might help you narrow down which element(s) are causing problems.

Otherwise using the heavy marquee select one half of the project and then the other half to identify where the bad element is. In the half that has error reports, select half of that etc until you can identify and fix the object causing the problem.

When you generate a section or elevation, if the problem object is within the range of the s/e then it will be slow to generate and/or cause error messages.
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I can generate the project in the 3d window without any errors popping up (that I know of).

To turn on the error report, its just in Work Environment -> Imaging & Calculation and check all the boxes, correct? Or am I missing something?

Thanks again,

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