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Finishes Schedule with Surfaces and Textures




I want to create a Surface schedule that shows the texture/jpeg image in the cells. It seems that the only graphic presentation it will show for the surfaces is the swatch. Is there a way to show the jpeg?


Also, I want to assign a specific description to each Surface. For example, if I have a surface named A.400-Ceramics, is it possible to use a parameter to automatically assign a supplier description? Like assign "RAK Ceramics" to all surfaces named A.400-Ceramics and have that reflected in the schedule. Is this possible? Instead of assigning each element (wall, slab) to a supplier. 





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Jan Vlach

To your first question: Generaly Jpegs in schedules are a problem. But it can be done, depending on how are you lmodeling and listing your finishes: If you use a separate wall with asigned material for finishes (pain to model, usualy done only for specific type of surface, i.g. ceramics for example) then you can list material, that produces in schedule a view of the material. You can then open this view to anotate it. There you can place an image as external reference. This however sometimes behaves strangely, the jpegs go missing seemingly at random and it bogs down performance significanty.


Personaly I would generate a simple shedule just with the code of desired product, basic text description (more on how to do that on later) and quantities. That would leave me to produce a separate specification sheet, where the same code would be described in more detail including photos. This specification can be either done inside Archicad in layout or kept completely separately in a word file for example. It can even be reused in other projcets down the road, if you tend to use certain material pallete on multiple buildings.


Now on to the second question: It again depends how you have your material set up: You can use existing or make your own specification, but that will work only if you have only one surface material you want to list per element. But if that is the case you can either do that manually cmd+f in 3d window, select all objects with the material in question and then edit all at once- easy but prone to errors down the road. Alternatively you can set up an expression with ifs funciton that will display the text according to the material selected. The problem here arises when you add another material after making the epressions and forget to update it.

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I think it has to be a drafted thing on a worksheet, or done in an outside application and placed to layout as PDF

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