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Huge file size when creating pdf files

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I try to make an PDF file and it works great, excepts that the file size becomes 22 MB. Im using acrobat, but also tried amyuni which works a little bit better 10MB output. There are no images in the file just an ordinary file. witth hatches and walls etc.

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In swedish :

Testa att sänka dpi-talet, låter som att du har alldeles för hög dpi-inställning. Jag kan exportera en villas alla ritningar (A + K) under 1 meg.

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Tjena och tack för svaret.
In english because it could be interesting for everybody. It seems when you have a polygon view in a layout it takes everything in the model, in the pdf file.
I tried to make the frame standard, orthogonal, with the same content and then it works fine.
It seems like a bug

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I tried rotating a view on a layout once and the PDF file blew out too. I traced the problem to a fill pattern that, when the view was rotated, seemed thik it was a lot more complex than the non-rotated version.

On another (similar) note, we have discovered recently that text rotated for an alternative master title block does not justify or format correctly, when published to PDF. The original text was "spaced" and rotated 90degrees, which looked fine on the master, but went to normal (100%) width in the PDF. When right justified, this produced an incorrect result.

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Another finding with PDF file size. I wonder if anyone can offer a different explanation:

Current project - 57 drawings (layouts). When published as PDF to a single file, the file size is 24Mb. Not a problem.

When published as individual files, total file size 172Mb, one particular layout on it's own is 122Mb. I have noticed that layouts with references to other drawings (eg. section markers, detail markers) appear to be a lot larger than layouts without such references. It appears that these layouts with references to others embed the referenced layout, and this could be a reason for the huge file sizes.

Example: the 122Mb layout has three part-plans on it, one of which has section markers on it. These section markers create "hyperlinks" to the sections which in turn create hyperlinks to the relevant details. If these sections / details are not embedded into the original drawing, I guess you wouldn't be able to link to them.

Is there a way of turning these hyperlinks off when publishing the PDF files?

Is this why the original poster (Hans) has large PDF files?

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Further to my last comments, the image attached shows hyperlink madness on the same drawing. Some of these go to sections, some go to details, can't see a pattern...

Dennis Lee
Stuart, Do you have these on a publisher 'set'? If so, maybe you can try to select the problem (huge size) pdf sheets individually, and try to publish 'selected', one by one. It worked for me.
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A good solution, Dennis. Funnily enough, one which occurred to me as I was explaining the problem to my boss just moments ago. Hadn't thought to do only the problematic drawings though, so you've saved me a lot of time (instead of doing ALL sheets one by one, as selected).

It makes sense that publishing them as single files, they aren't going to embed all the other related drawings.


I've also noticed that if you have large amounts of fills (doesn't matter if they have a fill pattern or just plain empty fills with just an outline) the file size grows quite rapidly.....
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Hello and thank you everyone.
As i said the problem occurres just in the pologonal views, and it doesnt matter if i try to make a single file.

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