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Interior facade - text, label problem -project orientation

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I would like to make interior plans ( 1:20 4 interior facade from a room) and I came across with text and label orientation problem.
So I made the four interior facade around my plan - and I put it always to that side where I took these "sections". So that I can always easily follow changes on the sections as well. (it looks like: as you open a cube and you have separate facade from the separate sides. )
Finally I have rotated the orientation of the project and so that I made labels and texts.

But when I set orientation of the project to 0 degrees and I take this interior facade-section on the layout than my texts and labels are upside-down.

Is there any function where I can turn off this auto-text orientation?

I hope my explanation is clear for somebody.

Thanks for all.
Archicad 16
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Bump. Same issue here.
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I ended up using View > Zoom > Change Orientation, but it screwed up all my layouts that used the view inside polygonal drawings, by rotating the view inside the drawing's frame.

Lesson: do your labeling and dimensioning in Views before creating new layouts from them...?