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Label tool text editing in AC 21

Since my update to AC21, I can no longer change the text within a standard label tool placement by going into the tool settings dialogue. Double clicking on the text still works, and I can see the text in the settings dialogue down at the "Text Label" tab, but I can't edit it there anymore.

Any thoughts?
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Gerald Hoffman
I have also noticed that if I use an ID label on a window or door I can no longer edit the text in the label. If the label was too long I used to be able to select the label and put in a return to use 2 lines. No more.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a new feature?
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Not applicable
I'm seeing the same issues... I'm all for improving the tools but I'm not certain taking away basic functionality is an improvement..
Eduardo Bell
I also noticed the v20 simple way of automatically adding the custom element ID's to labels has been buried somewhere in the new label system...I'm still looking for it, be grateful if someone tells me where it is now.

Please GS : It's all about clicking less times to get somewhere and building on good things done by previous engineers, the new label tool may be a classic example of a chronic problem that could be used to self examine the rationale behind these changes and the way they are implemented in the interface.

Clicking less is more.
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