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Layers Settings and Indexes


something very odd is happening to me and I cant find a way to fix it (granted I am a new user) - I am setting up a cover sheet and every time I go into the sheet index to modify its looks/contents, when I return to the cover sheet in my layout book the layer settings has been changed to "custom" and all of the layers are hidden so the sheet looks blank. it does this to any layout that I open but as soon as I reset one layout sheet to the correct layer settings, all other sheets are back to normal. what am I doing wrong?? 

Gerry Leonor

my guess is, you've right clicked on a view in the Project Map & selected "Save View & Place in Layout"


when it does, your Layer settings may have been set to Custom. ie, no layer combination selected. which means whenever you make a change (turn off/on a layer in a view) those settings won't get saved. When it does save the view (one half of the "Save View &  Place in Layout") it puts it to the bottom of the View Map folder.


what you need to do is to save it in the View Map & ensure you've got the view settings you need for your drawing:


the screenshot above uses the Layer Combination "2100 Floor Plan DD".

if say, i turn off the Joinery Layer in the layer settings, & save the change, any view that uses "2100 Floor Plan DD" will have the Joinery Layer turned off.


if a view's Layer Combination is set to Custom, you will have to go to each & every one of the views that have the Custom Layer set, turn off/on the desired layer & update the view. This is never the desired workflow. you always want to use a set Layer Combo for a saved view. The only time i use Custom Layer combos are very specific instances & there are only 2 or 3 in each project.

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