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Migrated AC 9 file won't publish correctly in 22

Ugh...I used AC 9 for 15 years and had to migrate to AC 22 a few months ago. I love it, but there are so many things I don't understand and the help docs don't give me clarity. For instance, I migrated an AC 9 file to AC 22. I specifically want to publish a revised site plan. I imported the updated site plan into my layout book and called the layout file "revised site plan". The layout appears nowhere in my publisher files. I'm used to switching back and forth between AC and PlotMaker where I easily imported files. I just don't understand the process in AC 22. Please help.

Once you get used to it, you will be very happy not to have a separate Plotmaker file.

Think of the layout area as the place to assemble VIEWS, not files. The process should be more like importing a site plan into the main file, either in a plan, or a worksheet (or detail) window if 2D, then save as a VIEW. You then send (or drag & drop) the View from there into the Layout book.
Richard Morrison, Architect-Interior Designer
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Karl Ottenstein

I've moved this and your other topic to the "Working in ARCHICAD" forum. The "Other Problems" forum isn't the place for these kinds of basic operational questions.

I feel your frustration at a huge leap from AC 9 to 22... but you should realize that at a certain level it is almost like learning a new program compared to AC 9 and it will take some serious work paging through the user guide or getting some by-your-side help. It isn't just lack of PlotMaker and the integrated layout book... model view options, building materials, intersection priorities, the Tracker vs the coordinates palette... a zillion new things to adapt to.

To add to Richard's response... your concern was with Publisher. You have to set up your Publisher set to include what you want it to include. A layout with your site plan won't necessarily automatically appear there - at least for a manually managed publisher set. You have to drag it over. You can have as many publisher sets as you want, too.

The Navigator has a variety of ways of appearing in the user interface - drop down/pop-up, floating/docked single-column view ... or what I think you might find most useful setting up your Publisher set ... the Organizer view, which lets you see two column at once ... e.g., your Layouts and your Publisher set for drag/drop organization.

It's a big journey, but you'll be glad you upgraded. 😉

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Thanks. I'll be sure to post these in the right forum from here on out.

It's a fun process of discovery, but as I'm self-employed and maxed out with clients it's also a bit stressful because I don't have a ton of time to "re-learn" the program. I appreciate your help on this forum.

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