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Migrating AC25 to AC26, model won't show in 3D




I'm working on migrating a file from AC 25 to AC 26 and it's going well, except when I right click "Show all in 3D" or "Show selection in 3D", it's totally blank.  I tried zooming to extents and nothing.   I think it must be something in  comparing the AC26 out-of-box version to the file I migrated but I'm not seeing any differences.  I imagine it's likely something very simple, but I'm at a loss as to what it is.  


Please  let me know if there are some usual suspects I should be checking.  Thanks!


Barry Kelly

Switch the 3D window to 'Vectorial' engine rather than 'Hardware Acceleration (used to be called OpenGL)' engine.

If the 3D shows, I would suspect a problem with Open GL.

Each new version of Archicad seems to require a slightly newer version of OpenGL.

You may be able to solve it with a driver update.



One of the forum moderators.
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Thank you, Barry.  I was finally able to get it going after realizing that I was still using an old custom workspace.  Once I applied the standard AC 26 workspace, I started seeing the model again, so now just got to reset all my key commands.   

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