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plan wall view

Hello, Beginner question:On the attached plan, some walls are seen with hatch, some not. We need all seen hatched as this is a foundation dwg. We have checked everything. Help please!

Vegetation (2D) quantities?

Hi, Thinking of scheduling plants, bushes, trees etc. I would like to use fills but can't classify them thus rendering them not suitable for expressions. I need expressions for calculating number of plants per m2. I could make thin slabs that only sh...

Archicad crashes when putting a elevation onto a layout

Dear All, I have a problem with putting the elevation that is my first floor onto my layout.When i drag it onto the layout it starts loading and then it crashes.I do not have this problem with all of my other floors.My 3D still works and all the laye...

I see erased wall in layout

Only the layout shows the deleted wall. I copied the walls on the 5th floor to the 6th to 35th floors using "edit element by story". After that, I deleted the wall on the 6th to 35th floors. I selected it from the elevation and deleted it. After that...

Red circles in columns

When I export the plan to PDF red circles appear above the columns that hide the entire plan.

Abi9518 by Participant
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Keyboard shortcuts - Select on plan

AC.25 has the option to show on plan as well as the show selection on 3D. I made a custom toolbar and I had the option to "show selection on 3D" for a shortcut. I made it "ctrl+S" I was trying to make a shortcut to "select on plan", but I had no luck...

Resolved! How to zone a room correctly ?

Hi, I have a problem with zone tool, the thing is it adds a door area and increases overall number which I don't want as I need only usable area rather than what I have.The right example on image shows the correct area 26.806 for that room but left o...

kosta by Booster
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Resolved! PDF exported file corruption / slow to load

Hello,Ive never had issues with previous and much bigger projects but for some reason this exported PDF just barely loads, when it does its low resolution and when i click to a different page it disappears and tries to load again. It's so frustrating...