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Resolved! furniture symbol...

not sure what happened…it was showing the form of this designer chair on floor plan and then it changed to this simple form. how do I change it?

Llian by Advocate
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Hide Different Story Levels in Different Views

Hello, Is there a way to hide different story levels in different elevation or section views? I know there is a master Story Settings window that hides or shows each story in every elevation/section view but I'd like to be able to adjust it per view....

Help with toolbars

Hi there, I am a student using Archicad 24 with windows in need of some help. My first problem is that i have done something to my toolbox, i usually have it set up on the left as icons but I've managed to change it to a list form and cant get the ic...

NicoleS by Contributor
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Renting a Gaming laptop for rendering with Enscape?

Hi Guys,right now i'm doing my Bachelor's thesis in architecture. I have a MacBookPro 2019 | 2,3 GHz 8-Core Intel Core i9 | Radeon Pro 560X 4 GB / Intel UHD Graphics 630 1536 MB and macOS Big Sur running while i use Archicad 25 for linedrawing and fo...

bene by Participant
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Midpoint of section marker

On plan view I cannot seem to get a mid point snap point marker to show up when I hover over a section or elevation marker in plan view with AC25, Im sure this was possible before?? How do I find the middle of a section or elevation marker line on pl...

Scale25 Object resize

Hi, Im trying to place a scale graphic from the object library (Sclae25).When I place it on the mastyer layout it is much to large, however when I try to reduce its size it will not allow me to go below 1000mm in length. Any one know why this might b...

Window reveal to wall core

How can I set the Window to Wall core dimensions? When using a "stud wall with siding" closure dimension is greyed out.Do I need to make a change to the wall composite settings?  


Hotlink module and scheduling

Hi, I'm stuck with hotlink and scheduling. I would try to explain my problem. For native zones, I managed to make properties to split ID so I'd have separated apartment number and room number. I need the apartment number so I can use the headline in ...

JovanaS by Participant
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Elevation benchmark display in 3D views

Hello, In a section view, elevation benchmarks corresponding to Stories are displayed per Section View Settings, but how does one add additional benchmarks such as important plate heights? For example, a section for a residential renovation project d...

Loutro by Contributor
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Resolved! Issue: inject parameters to grid element makes it move

Hello forum When I inject parameters from one grid element to another AC moves the position of the receiving grid element. Is there a way to prevent this? Any help would be much appreciated! Eske

Eske by Contributor
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