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Mirrored Vectorial Fills in Library Doors


Is there a way to stop a library object - in this case a double door with sidelights - from mirroring the vectorial hatch in the section?

You can't control the surface of a library modul with the usual 3D surface control, and my client is haunting me to change this detail on the plans. Yes, I could just make individual doors/windows, but I would like to spare myself the hassle for all my running/future projects. This is a default library object from Archicad 25.

I am guessing this has to do with the programming behind the object itself, and I have no idea what my options are.

Thank you for any tip.


Barry Kelly

If it is possible within the object, there would be two methods that I can think of.

But these options may not be there.

I don't use the default door objects, and I also have the AUS library anyway, which may be different to what you have.

So I can't say if theses options are there for you or not.


One would be a parameter to say mirror (flip) the material (or maybe the entire door leaf).

But I assume this may not be there as the double door leafs would normally mirror each other.


The other is if the object allows you to set individual materials to each door leaf.

This option may be there.

If so, you could set up a copy of the surface material and rotate the texture and hatch by a further 180° compared to how it is set in the default surface material.


If neither of these options are available, then there is not much you can do with that object (unless you are pretty handy with GDL).

Or are happy to overlay a 2D fill or 3D morph surface (or thin wall).




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Dear Barry,

Thank you for your answer. Unfortunately the door is in the international European library. I also thought I could just create a new surface with the mirrored hatch to control the second door, but unfortunately the material is common to all glass elements 😭

I cannot mirror the second door individually 😞

I tried to use a single door with a sidelight to see if I had more control, but that one is even worse - in the double sidelight/double door combo, only one glass pane is mirrored; in the single door with a single sidelight, both glass panes are automatically mirrored (which would mean 2 wrong ones).

Because this is in retail architecture I need to be able to change elements as quickly as possible (we got nightmarish deadlines). Which usually means as little library objects as possible - and making 4 individual doors is going to make my life hell... Argh!

I was hoping it was an easy fix somewhere 😞

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