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Dusting off this topic from 2007.I'm trying to show and hide different storey markers in different sections and elevations, but I only seem to be able to hide a storey marker Section AA, I would like to show Storey 1, 3 and 4. No other...

Mirror surface setting for interior render Cinerender

Hello,I want an interior render with "indoor lamps only" settings. The mirror in the interior space does not reflect the interior space in Cinerender. The rendered output shows a blackout area instead of reflection. I checked with surfaces settings, ...

Resolved! Layout Book

Good! I hope you are okay. I have a question, is it possible to take layouts and masters from another project opened in another instance of Archicad to my current project? for now I can only see.

Screenshot (36).jpg

Loading surfaces

Is there a way to load multiple surfaces from a library (in our case our bim cloud library)? We usually would go to the surfaces setting and click new> new from catalog>bim cloud library... but this only allows us to load 1 surface each time.

Yvonne by Advocate
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Resolved! Identical objects/materials show "connected" in 3D

Please refer to the attached screen-prints. I am looking for a thin line separating the facia members (rafters) where they meet on top. They currently show as one L-shape member, which is inaccurate. Simple ways to overcome this issue would be apprec...

Screenshot (1).png Screenshot (2).png
Voytek by Booster
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Zoning stamp and turning off auto text labels

Hello everyone:I was wandering if anyone has the same issue and found a way to solve it. When placing a Zone Stamp, I am asked to tun also on the labels layer. After placing the zone stamp, it also place an "Auto Text Label" with the ID of the zone. ...

Screen Shot 2021-11-17 at 7.59.15 AM.png
iggiv by Participant
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Resolved! Project info text to rename folders in the publisher

Hi Graphisoft community, I'm just double cheking there is no way of renaming the folders in the publishers set with project info text such as etc etc. Ideally we would like to have the published folders with the project number however dont want this...

Project info text into rename folder.jpg

Redshift 360 spherical renders

I tried the new rendering engine Redshift the other day and it looks promising. But when I looked a little closer at the settings, I did not find the choice to render in 360 (spheriacal), is it something I have missed or is it not to day an option to...

Coulouri by Contributor
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Resolved! Dimensions to move with grids

I'm trying to let dimensions attach (stick) to grids on So that when I move the grid, the dimension updates to the new value. I'm struggling to do that and was hoping for some advice.

Removing fill in Story Level

When I create my interior elevation, my default story level comes with a fill pattern on it. I can't get rid of it. There is no other built-in story marker for me to change. What can I do to get rid of the fill pattern on it? 

dhnguyen by Contributor
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