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2d plan performance

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2d performance in plan view is very slow. When generating plan views, consistent beachball spinning of 18 seconds. (3d open GL and 3d vectorial OK) Graphic overide of turning off fills seems to help a little; on screen view options Vectorial hatch off seems to do little.

Comments from file Auditer by Graphisoft are below. I’ve addressed the library, and purged unused attributes, as the file is mostly thru DD. Separately, The audit mentioned an excess of groups(auto group, bad habit).

  • Embedded Library is quite messy, it contains many elements which can increase loading times. Also, there are 465 duplicated library parts (Embedded Library is also linked). Consider emptying actual Embedded Library, eliminating both issues at once.
    Over 635 Solid Element Operations may affect the performance. It’d be nice to review these and clear unnecessary connections and/or rebuild with alternative methods.
    Some duplicates exist in the project. These can be eliminated easily with Check Duplicate add-on.
    Almost 200 elements are placed on Archicad layer of floor plan viewpoints. There may be many more in other viewpoints as well. I recommend not to place anything on this special layer as it can disturb and slow down the workflow.
    There are a few issues in attribute management, mainly concerning Pen Sets which have been overridden, lack description and don’t follow a clear naming convention.
    Various elements are displayed as full in all MVOs. Generating these takes time, perhaps it’s worth simplifying some to improve the performance.
    Many 3D Styles are duplicated, and few are used. A review may be useful.
    Project Preview and Architect Credits in BIMx are empty. The latter is also not set for the proper Publisher sets. It is worth correcting these for a better representation of the company and the project.
    Hundreds of elements do not have unique ID, its position, structural function or classification defined. Consider filling up this information to get the most out of Archicad capabilities.
    Reference Level Preferences and Stair Rules and Standards settings seem to follow the defaults. Consider customizing these.
    There are some issues in viewpoint settings. It’s worth reviewing these.
    Many folders in the View Map are cloned. Clones should be used for developing the project only or with Layout Book and Publisher Sets instead as Archicad might unnecessarily sync the documentation between the View Map and Project Map. Consider recreating the folder without a shortcut.
    100% of drawings are stored in the project which increases its size. Some adjustments may be useful.
    There are 15 internal drawings missing. This may result in empty printed layouts. Consider deleting/replacing these.
    The file contains 62 externally linked files. I suggest reviewing these and decreasing in size if over 1 MB (optimal size for Archicad to handle it smoothly).
    IFC Publisher Sets are not set up yet, one of the translators requires fixing. Consider correcting these.
  • These are all fair criticisms of the file, but would they hinder 2d plan performance so severely? If I’ve been too liberal with SEOs, how do I track down the biggest offenders? I can ungroup everything.

    Other notes:
    -Computer has 24 cores, and a fast processor with a good graphics card.
    -Copying and pasting model into a new file brought the same slowdown, and lost lost of useful data like linked views on layouts.
    -Merging into new file also carried the same slowdown. Not to mention data loss.
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    Minh Nguyen
    Graphisoft Alumni
    Graphisoft Alumni
    Hi Nathan,

    Thank you very much for the report and I am very sorry about the experience!

    Based on what you mentioned, I would say the most important part having a big impact on performance are Embedded Library size, SEOs count and Duplication. Linked files might also play a part here, although it depends on how complex the files are.

    We made a Help Center article describing how to get the best performance out of Archicad projects, and how to optimize an existing one. Please have a look at it here.

    Let me know if it answers your question! Thank you very much!

    Best regards,

    Minh Nguyen
    Technical Support Engineer

    There is a thread somewhere I'll see if I can find it with a video of somebody doing a test showing the slowdowns based off of quantity of just solid element operations and crazy to see even in a small plan when they double or their quadrupled the amount of SEOs the files slowed down insane amounts.
    Also with the embedded library I've got another point now where I don't keep anything in the embedded library If I need an object I give it a purpose in a folder and put it in the standard library or in the separate folder that can be loaded when you need it.
    I also found out that having autosave every 5 seconds instead of every 15 minutes drastically decreases 2D speed and layout speed for me at least.
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    I don't think SEO quantity is the problem.

    GS Tech Support looked at the file and said this was normal performance.

    Please watch a screen recording and see for yourself.

    The biggest slow down's i've identified occur in plan when changing layer view combinations, and renovation palette options. Changing stories also can take a long time, but usually associated with a reno status change.

    3d performance is acceptable; at the end of the clip you can see the openGL and graphic overrides are smooth and responsive.

    Have a watch. Sorry its not Oscar worthy material.

    Either way, it is unworkable.

    I've tried:
    -Saving file as .PLA to clear out caches.
    -Purging unused attributes(that's painful)
    -purging attributes that have complex vectorial hatches (my 3d docs look more cartoonish than ever.) though I've added a few back in. How else am i going to show batt insulation in a curved wall?!?
    -splitting off the layout book and bringing in the model as a hotlinked module. Layout book is sluggish but acceptable, Model remains unusable (its what i made the movie from.
    -I considered merging the file into a new "clean" file as a way of eliminating all the SEO, (and saved views, and dimensioning and annotation etc.) but that is a last resort.. which i suppose is next.

    Open to other suggestions/consultations to get the file usable again.
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    One more thing:

    I've been using Archicad my entire professional career since 1999.

    While i started this from a new file when the project began in AC 22, I've been working on the template in some shape or another for a long time. Is it possible there are some legacy issues involved?
    Minh Nguyen
    Graphisoft Alumni
    Graphisoft Alumni
    Hi Nathan,

    Thank you very much for the elaborate answer!

    Would it be possible for you to share the file with me for a closer look? Maybe it has something else that we overlook. Please let me know if you need a secure place to upload the file also!

    Best regards,

    Minh Nguyen
    Technical Support Engineer

    Has there been any conclusion to this problem? I seem to have the same issue on my project, only in my case it's in AC24.


    For me, it has started with extremely slow generating of section views and now I have the same thing also when switching between different sets of plans.


    It seems to be some sort of Layer Combination/MVO issue that causes this lagging in my case...

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