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Need help, All my drawings become blank in my layoutbook?

Jeffrey WU


All my details in my layout book become blank after its auto-update, but when I "open-source view",

Screenshot 2022-04-01 111300.png

 I still can see them in view map and worksheet.


The only thing I changed is that I copied another detail from another Cad project to my worksheets.


Many thanks.


Gerry Leonor

they might be cropped out of the drawing view.
temporarily, change one of the drawings from "Manually resized frame" to "Fit Frame to Drawing".

if the drawing jumps Fitted drawing moves away from where it is in the layout, that'll mean the Saved View is in a different location. that's why the Drawing is showing as empty in the layouts.

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Thanks for your help.

I tried "Fit Frame to Drawing" and the drawings jump to another place but I am sure I didn't do anything with my worksheet except copy-paste a detail.

I can not repair it at all even if I delate this details.

And I did a test that I copied the same detail to a new project's worksheet and all details become blank again. I have no idea why it happend.

Thanks anyway.

Gerry Leonor

maybe i'm just overthinking it -- but in my head i could incorrectly imagine you did this:


  • copy pasted details from an external AC file into a Worksheet in your current file
    saved each detail in their respective Saved Views in your View Map.
  • ALSO copy pasted the Drawings from the Layouts in the external AC file & pasted these Drawings into your active AC Layouts.
  • re-linked these pasted Drawings to read from the newly created Saved Views in your View Map.
  • crap hit the fan.


i highly doubt this happened & i'm definitely overthinking this.

now unless there was an accidental change in scale or an accidental Drag everything in the current view to a different location occured, i can't really think of a reason why the 2D would move away from the cropped view. perhaps the box for "Use Internal Origin" was un-checked? but even then, i doubt that'd make the Drawing jump to a different worksheet cropped space.


in either case, you're going to move them anyway.

AC25 | Win10 | 64 bit | 16Gb RAM |Intel i7 8700 @ 3.20Ghz

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Barry Kelly

In the View settings, there is a little tick box at the bottom that says to remember zoom and rotation.

That can also affect what you do or don't see when the view is placed on a layout.



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You have an exclamation mark on your view tab. Check and update your saved view settings. I assume the copied detail messed up some layers and their visibility settings.

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When this happens, the best solution would be to start again and let the layout's drawings to be updated manually. 

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