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Pen Set Color Problem


I have several questions.

Both of these section views have the same pen set in layout space and the color & transparency is defined by the same pen set, why does 1 view have the walls showing up darker than the other?

The one on the left viewed just fine in it's model space view.


In building elevation views, my roof cover fill and wall cover fill has a really thin pen weight (which is what I wanted), in these section cut views, my roof cover fill and wall fill has a thickness to it, where do I go to change it?


Also, in general, where do I go to change the color/lineweight for my cover fills?



ArchiCAD 18- 25

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Marc H

There are some settings which may produce the darker effect seen on the lefthand drawing wall (including the opposite walls not circled in the upper stories) as well as controlling how fills present, including:

  • Elements Floor & Section pens may override the default pen
  • One of the assigned BMat fills maybe dense due to a reduced scale (if not paired with a reduced scale pen set)
  • A Surface pen may be overriding the default pen
  • A BMat fill pen may be overriding the default pen
  • An element's Renovation Status may present with a different color &/or fill
  • There may be a GOR in effect on the view (qualified by some attribute &/or property) overriding the default pen.

There are a couple of other pen areas, but I would not expect them to produce differential effects as you have: the Section Settings and the Composites Skin & Line Structure pens.


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