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Sheet Index

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I am trying to work out how to link a revision number to the Sheet Index so that it automatically updates when a new revision is made.

• How do I create a linked revision number?
• Where is this revision number edited?
• How do I link this revision number to the Sheet Index?
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You'd need some kind of logical operator to query each layout: "Is this revision date the latest date on this sheet?", then report that date into the index. I am not aware of that sort of function in "out of the box" Archicad.

But you can use the custom fields in the >File, >Info, > Project Info to at least be able to write in revision dates once, and use the auto-text function to place that into the layout title blocks as necessary.

Use a note field in the Index to hand modify the reported last revision for each sheet.

Its a long standing wish to handle revisions better, look at this2006 post .

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Thanks for the advice Snap.

The details in the Project Info seem to be correct but I can't seem to access the auto-text function. No matter what I do, it always seems to be greyed. Any advice on what I could be doing wrong?
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Not sure exactly where you are having the problem, so:

Project Info is the where you manually input text that the text tool will thereafter use as a source for autotext.

Unfortunately, the only place you'll be using autotext is on the Layout sheet's title box. Either on the Master layout or the layout, place a text box for revisions and then place the autotext here. I use one of the Project Info custom fields and rename it Revision1, then create a new field for each revision, that way I'll always have an autotext for Rev1, then Rev2, etc.

However, all revision text in the Sheet Index will be manual.

Note 1: the Sheet Index does not have a parameter called "Rev Date" so you will just use the Custom Text 1 parameter and manually rename it Rev Date.
Note 2: Custom 1 in the Project Info box is not related to the custom text 1 parameter in the Sheet Index.

If I have not answered your question, please send a screenshot of the situation.

I guess we need to ask whether this is a GLOBAL revision date? or specific to EACH SHEET individually...

For example, if a sheet did NOT change this revision, do you want that sheet to display the GLOBAL revision date? or the Date THAT PARTICULAR SHEET was revised...?

If it's the latter case, I just type text onto each sheet individually. If several sheets changed, I just copy and paste that text to the appropriate sheets.

And if you want that to show on your INDEX, I've just used a CUSTOM box for manually inputing the revised date...

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I have ArchiCad support in to have a look at why I can't enter in Custom Fields for automatic revision updates. It appears the problem lies with a bug in ArchiCad and team sharing files.
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Please provide your AC version and OS in the signature line of your profile
page. Really specific problems require knowing the AC version number in
use because each version has its own special quirks. Without AC version
info, I don't know which AC to run in order to try and replicate your issue.

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Snap wrote:

Note 2: Custom 1 in the Project Info box is not related to the custom text 1 parameter in the Sheet Index.

Stupid choice ! I don't understand why we could not use all the same parameters in the software. If I want to publish the number page of the sheet in the Sheet index, I can't use and add the "#NoMp" parameter for example.

Another wish: please give us the 3 operations , -, x, : for the shedules, the addition one is not enough !. Now it's urgent !
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Like this?
We're struggling with something like the attached...swedish standard unfortunately...
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