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Sky Reflections in Elevations

Matt Purves



I have not been able to work out how to get reflective surfaces to show with sky reflections like they do in the Archicad presentation video for AC25, 


I follow all steps shown in the video, yet no sky texture appears on glass etc.

What am I missing here, is there a prerequisite setup process for sky textures not shown in the tutorial?





Yes, to get that effect you need to have a surface that has a image of a sky as it's texture and either override the panels outside surface or make sure that the material used for the panel uses the surface. For a good result you need to set texture size wide/high enough to the entire facade curtainwall or else you will have repetition.









Thank you for your answer.

It is already what I had been doing as a 'workaround'. I guess it is not a work around if there is nothing to work around, 😉 the way I interpreted the new texture feature was that there was an auto sky reflection on translucent surfaces, guess not!


I think then I need to find a better sky texture to improve the appearance of it 🙂

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