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Slightly skewed angle snap

Paul King
I have inherited a project where orthogonal snap angles (if that is the correct term) during editing of walls etc always seem to be about a quarter of a degree off vertical and horizontal. This has resulted in the project being riddled with errors whereby nothing is quite straight, and dimensions are never giving nice round numbers.

Input constraints and guides are set conventionally - to 'Horizontal and Vertical', with Incremental Angle set to 45 degrees. so this does not seem to be the source of the problem.

How can I make it such that axis lock (when <shift> key is held) consistently locks to an actual orthogonal axis, rather than 0.025 degrees off axis, when dragging something horizontally or vertically? I am assuming the innacuracy is likely caused by archicad trying to be orthogogonal to already placed (i.e. crooked) elements)?

Manually typing in required orthogonal angle in tracker every time is a chore, and surely should not be necessary. Sadly, tracker doesnt seem to allow the user to constrain the drag operation to the nominated angle during input, while allowing distance to remain dynamic. If you are going to enter a drag angle override, you have to already know the distance at the same time - which is no fun at all.
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Ivo Afonso

Hi there, 


Had the same problem in template 25, and this was the problem (image below): The Grid was rotated somehow, and the X,Y Axis was 89,7 everytime. So was just a matter of rotate this grid and/or snap it to ortogonal.


Hope it helps someone


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