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Stretch, Cut, Split, Copy Multi Copy etc in Elevation Window

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I have been working mostly in the 3D window when in terms of manipulating objects etc in the vertical direction. I just discovered that I can get much better control over vertical alignments if I work in the Elevation window by adding 2D lines for alignment purposes. I know that one can drag things easily in this window but have had less success in terms of stretching, trimming etc. I have been able to stretch objects and some windows and doors but no luck in terms of walls, slabs or roofs. It would be terrific if the same tools one has in the plan view would also be available in the elevation view. Perhaps this is for a future version but if it exists now I would greatly appreciate any tips on what one can do in the Elevation Window in terms of editing each of the ArchiCad elements. Thanks in advance for any help.

David Rulon

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As you have discovered, the only model elements that can be added in a section window are doors and windows; and these can only be copies of ones that already exist.

This (I believe) has to do with the limitations of the program at the time the section window was added (version 5.0?). The sections have yet to catch up with the 3D window in this respect, and we may have to wait for major overhaul for this to change (rather than some interim half measure).

I guess we'll see.

Geoff Briggs
This had been discussed many times before. I started a wish thread back in November on this very subject That was before all wishes became polls so perhaps we need to repost this as a wish+poll.
Geoff Briggs
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jdrulon wrote:
I have been working mostly in the 3D window when in terms of manipulating objects etc in the vertical direction.
IMHO you should pursue this direction; full editing is possible in the 3D window. It does get some getting used to.

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Thanks for the advice. The 3D window does offer more than I thought but it still does not seem to provide the precision that I need in some instances (i.e. aligning a shelf with the top of a window mullion - window mullions only have a mid-point hotspot in the 3D window). It would be great if one could manipulate walls, slabs and roofs in either the 3D window or the section/ elevation window (prefer this) in the same way one can in plan such as giving the end of a beam or sloped beam (roof tool) a shape. I know you can create library parts in plan with the slab tool but to have the slab tool functions in the vertical direction would really be a time, frustration and energy savings. It would really free up the design part of the work and would make it much more intuitive and in line with those who first learned to design in plan, section and elevation.

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