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V 26 Compatability with macOS Big Sur V 11.6.8


Just downloaded V 26. There seems to be some problems occurring which didn't happen with other versions. I went straight from v 23 to 26. Eg.

1.I seem to have problem with the pick tool. Won't register with the required pick point. I find that doing a "save" or either zooming in or out seems to solve problem, but only temporarily.Also, I do a lot of model editing in 3-D and again, have pick problems

2.The drag command " Command D" seem to do a drag and repeat despite not being a drag and repeat command.

3.And lastly, after using the marquee tool, then scrolling to another tool, the marquee command is still active despite say, eg, a line tool being selected. All not real big problems but it can be frustrating and slows the project down.


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