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Worsheet does not paste dimensions from different Structural Displays ?


I tried to paste two storey drawings on Worksheet.
One with dimensions in Structural Display mode: Entire Model.
And the second one with dimensions in Structural Display: Core Only mode.
It seems like a simple operation, but not entirely.
I was very surprised that the second drawing lost its dimensions along the way.


APPROX. I understand that Worksheets do not use Structural Display settings - that's clear.
BUT ! When creating a new Worksheet, ArchiCAD will probably include the currently applicable Structural Display in its settings, e.g. in the storey window. And this has serious consequences, because it is impossible to change Structural Display etc. in the Worksheet settings

Nevertheless, while trying to figure out how to achieve the intended goal, I discovered that two temporary Worksheets were needed, intervening in the entire operation.
One Worksheet to paste a drawing with Entire Model dimensions.
The second Worksheet to paste the drawing with Core Only dimensions.

Then I created a third target Worksheet and pasted the drawings into it (with dimensions!) But note: not from the floor plan, but from the temporary Worksheet one (Entire Model) and from the temporary Worksheet two (Core Only)!
And it's ready! I obtained two 2D drawings side by side, dimensioned in different Structural Display settings.



Can this be achieved more simply?
When pasting a drawing to Worksheet, could ArchiCAD also immediately paste its dimensions, regardless of the Structural Display in which it was created?

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Barry Kelly

Worksheets get there information from the plan, so you should not be copying information from one work sheet to another.

2D text and annotation is OK but not the 3D elements that come from the plan.

Unless you want a purely 2D non-linked worksheet.


Dimensions are 2D annotation, but the problem is they are associated to the elements and can not be copied on there own.

And with Partial Structure Display, they only show for the PSD that is active.


Worksheets do not have their own Partial Structure Display - they get it from the floor plan, so you set it there and re-build (update) the worksheet.


So it you are trying to copy the worksheets, then you will have to do it for each PSD and then you will be doubling up on the 3D elements - or actually you will have 2D copies of them and they will no longer be linked to the plans nor work with the PSD.


So if you still want updatable worksheets from the model, you will need to create them from scratch - or maybe just copy the worksheet marker from one plan to another.

The information in the worksheet needs to be set up in the new (copied) worksheet.

As i said 2D text and lines can be copied (if they do not exist in the model but only in the worksheet), but you can not copy the 3D elements or dimensions as they will just be 2D elements now.



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Barry, thank you for your reply.
Yes, in the example described, I treat Worksheet as a 2D work environment, for example for correcting drawings, which I then export to dwg (for "AutoCAD freaks" 😎).
So I'm surprised that I have to do additional combinations (copy/paste from Worksheet2Worksheet) to capture drawings with dimensions from different Partial Structure Displays to Worksheet 2D.
I have always treated Worksheet as a friendly, COMPLETELY 2D work environment - without any connection to 3D.
I understand that Workseet is not the same as Detail.
For example, it is easier for me to correct something, delete something, add something in Worksheet 2D, and export it to DWG than to do it later, e.g. in AutoCAD.

AC 7 - 27, Twinmotion | Windows 10 Pro for Workstations
Dell 7740 Xeon | 64GB | Quadro RTX 3000 6GB + LG 2560x1080