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2D View Issue

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I just recently started figuring out the basics for GDL scripting. From what I've read, if there is no 2D script, then the 2D symbol is what should be displayed in the 2D view. For a recessed light fixture, I deleted the 2D script and drew the desired symbol in the 2D symbol section. However, when I click on 2D view, it is empty (attached are photos). I am sure I am making a rookie mistake, any idea of what I need to change or fix? Thanks for your help!
There is no issue. You are absolutely right - if there is no 2d script, ArchiCAD will show what is drawn in 2d symbol. Just in library part editor 2d symbol and 2d view by script are two different windows - because it's an editor. If you open your object in ArchiCAD project you will see what you're expecting.
David Maudlin

The buttons are working as expected. In your first screen shot, next to the preview, you have the 2D Symbol button selected, which is showing the 2D Symbol (as drawn). In your second screen shot, you have the 2D View button selected, which shows the result of the 2D Script, which is empty, so nothing is generated. If you would like to see the 2D Symbol in the 2D View, use the Fragment2 command (FRAGMENT2 fragment_index, use_current_attributes_flag) in the 2D Script. In the Object Settings, the 2D Symbol will be displayed in the Plan preview, so the 2D Script is not required, these two different previews are for the GDL environment.

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