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Archicad 27 - Slow GDL Window




Is anyone else experiencing extremely slow speeds and lags with the new GDL tool in Archicad 27?


I am experiencing this when I have 2 object tabs open and I try and write in any of the scripting windows. Copying and pasting script from one object to the other is probably the biggest lag that happens. I am using Windows 11, not sure if this is an OS problem, hardware problem or simply a bug in Archicad 27.





Hey Shaun,


Yep - massively slow and gets slower the more objects you have open. I have found that if you are using a widescreen monitor - resize Archicad down smaller so it is like 1024 x 768 or something and the new GDL editor will be quite a bit faster.


Hope this helps until we get a fix from GS.





Sounds like they aren't going to fix it. I got the whole, "we do not support GDL related issues" from Central Innovation. They claim this is what Graphisoft said. So I am not overly optimistic we will have a fix for this soon.

It is not a GDL coding issue - I can understand they may not support that.

It is a program issue if the editor is not behaving as it should.



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Thats what I said to them. But feels like talking to a brick wall. They really know how to P*** their customers off.

Id be happy to just be able to turn the new editor off and return to the plain old text editor.

Ruben V

Same issue here. Tried following steps without effect:

  1. dock all windows (I tend to have floating windows when doing GDL scriping)
  2. disconnect second monitor
  3. set screen resolution of MacBook Pro back to "standard"

The lagging in the typing is really annoying as it stops the "flow" constantly, especially when you're fixing typing errors (backspace "crosses" other key strokes...). 


I also noticed that the menu bar at the very top is blinking at every key stroke... 

(I recorded the sound of me typing - emphasizes the lag... - apologies for "breathing" sounds 😅)

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