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Archicad's GDL lamp is duplicating an element when adding "ROTY"


Help please! I've modified Archicad's "Spotlight Kit 25" Lamp object to rotate along its "Y" axis. But when I rotate it, one of its original elements gets duplicated, as if I made a copy as I was rotating.


The object from the screenshot has been rotated 15deg around its "y" axis and 15deg around its "x" axis.


FYI: I'm not a programer but I managed to add the new parameter to the interface and all, I just can't get this "duplicated" element to disappear, I'm sure I copy-pasted some code line without really understanding what it does and that is generating this issue. 


On a separate note, why can't I rotate around the Y axis by default?

Screen Shot 2022-02-23 at 12.48.23.pngScreen Shot 2022-02-23 at 12.54.31.pngScreen Shot 2022-02-23 at 12.48.47.png

AC26–5002 INT FULL/ Win 11 Pro 22621.1992 / Intel i9-13900KF 24C (8P-16E) 3.00 - 5.80 GHz / 64 GB 5600 MHz DDR5 / Nvidia RTX A4500 20GB, Dual 2560x1440.

The way you have written that B = A argument seems a little convoluted. Typically I would write it like this:

    if ABS(B -A) < EPS

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