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Cannot figure out how to get wall radius for label

I need to script a label, that would know radius (also coordinates of radius centre) of the wall. I looked how window knows about it - for that there is special global variable WIDO_ORIG_DIST. But wall's global variables do not have any information about it. Any ideas? Or it's just impossible?

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Looks like AC25 has the solution.
New label parameter: LABEL_ASSOC_ELEM_GEOMETRY

radius_of_circle = Arc Length/Subtended Angle in Radians
r = s/θ

Does this now makes sense?

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I have never found the answer either.
I was hoping the radial dimension tool would be a GDL object I could explore, but sadly no.
So I think there is a way to do the math from other values but I haven't had time to look into yet. You would need start, end points (and center maybe) and then a length value.
Or perhaps there is a command I just haven't found it.
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The only once way for solving this problem I found via using label coordinates. By placing label automatically it appears always in the middle of the wall. Then I have wall start point, wall arc middle point, chord direction and length of arc. This information would be enough to get formula finding radius and centre of radius.
But the only problem here - if I'm placing label manually (not in the middle of the wall arc) it will calculate wrong radius, also if I'm modifying wall radius, length or position of the end point - it will give me wrong radius.
But there is no another possibility, probably.
Barry Kelly
The 'Moldings and Panel' wall accessory works on curved walls.
Having a quick look at the scripts, it uses 'ac_wall_radius'.

So 'ac_wall_radius' will read the radius of the wall for you if you can use that in your label.

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Barry wrote:
The 'Moldings and Panel' wall accessory works on curved walls.
Having a quick look at the scripts, it uses 'ac_wall_radius'.

So 'ac_wall_radius' will read the radius of the wall for you if you can use that in your label.

No, I cannot. Wall accessory passing to the GDL object parameters values via Add-on (all information about wall geometry). There is no connection between label and Add-on. If I just set new parameter variable AC_wall_radius in label it will return me zero.
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I noticed that WALL_POSITION[1] gives the chord length of the arc. That with WALL_DIRECTION gives us the real cord length. With this and WALL_LENGTH_A (Arc length) we can get the wall radius thru
Does this makes sense?
No. WALL_POSITION means wall position - coordinates x,y,z. Wall position cannot give arc chord length.
Braza wrote:

Is that a new variable in AC24/25? It is not available in AC23...


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Guys, what's wrong here is happening?
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Yes. WALL_POSITION long exists.
But I did a test with a dummy label with WALL_POSITION[1] AND [2] text2.
Noticed that the arc is always counterclockwise although the origin straight wall was from left to right.
Perhaps it is just luck. But it gives you the chord length. Though if I move the wall to the negative side of the origin it will give a different value...
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