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Does the variable of gs_bOpeningtozone need to have the code?


Does the variable of gs_bOpeningtozone need to have the code? If you know where it is, please let me know.



It doesn't work for the statement I wrote.
If you need to write code for this, please let me know.

AC27 on window 11
Barry Kelly

It seems to just be a boolean parameter that is set on/off by the user.

I have no idea why it does not work in your statement.


If you search through all of the macros you will find that in a macro called 'GS Corner Window Functions', it seems to set the value for another parameter.


ac_zone_on_reveal_side = 1
if WIDO_REVEAL_SIDE exor not(gs_bOpeningToZone) then
	ac_zone_on_reveal_side = not(ac_zone_on_reveal_side)
parameters ac_zone_on_reveal_side = ac_zone_on_reveal_side


What that parameter is then used for I couldn't say without investigating further.

It looks to me that is just overrides the value of the 'ac_zone_on_reveal_side' parameter.


It seems to be so that the user can nominate that the zone the door/window opens into is the zone the door/window belongs to.



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Barry, "GS Corner Window Functions" is part of the core of the standard archicad window.

all standard archicad windows call "gs_general_window_macro" with settings for the individual type, which then call the other main macros like "GS Corner Window Functions"






I am up to page 4,152 of Archicad 27 Reference Guide, (Bluebeam Connection), but i got to read it all 😞
don't tell 'em i cheated by reading the last page first to see how it ends 🙂

Mr. Berry, I am a beginner, so when I saw this part, I did not recognize where this function was used.
Now I know how this phrase works.
thank you ^^

AC27 on window 11

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