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About building parametric objects with GDL.

Door 24, Changing Door Height limits.


I'm doing a deep dive into the Door 24 GDL, I'm having trouble finding what code or referenced GDL in Door 24 controls for the height limit parameter (with the greater than operator as seen below). 




Thanks in advance!



My hunch is that it is in the "Size Limitations" in the gs_general_lt_door file, Let me know if this is wrong: 




I don't see the actual command in the screen shot you show (but I don't have my glasses on either!).

But somewhere in the parameter script (it could also be in the master script, but probably not) there will be a VALUES command.

Something like ... VALUES parameter_name RANGE [... , ...]

So do a search for "VALUES".


It could be in any of the CALLed macros, so it may take a little hunting to find it.



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Though if you do find it, do remember that you will need to save out the entire macro branch and modify each one to point at your new macro tree. This may also break between major updates, unless you save out the entire macro tree, as macros might change.

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