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Retrieve list of layouts in an object

Hello, I was wondering if someone would be able to confirm whether or not it is possible to retrieve a list of layouts from within an object and then be able to add them to a list that a user could select from? Many thanks

JGoode Advocate
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Resolved! Swap A and B parameters

Tbh I feel silly to ask such basic question, but I can't figure out how to swap values for A, B.If additional parametes are created it's easy to change their values based on constant A, B. Though how to do it when with help of 2 parameters only? pref...

How to stop gdl script execution?

Hello,Im working on a rather large project and some things require some custom simple GDL objects to save some time. Well now and then I end up writing an infinite loop. Is there a way to stop a script at this point? Does it stop on its own after a w...

Resolved! How to set Real values in the parameter section GDL

Whenever I am using GDL and there need to set a Real value instead of an Integer, it always rounds up the number and sets the value as Integer. How can I set a Real type and also get the Real (not the rounded up) value in the parameter section? Thank...

gdl round.png gdl round 2.png


Is there a way to have items within a drawing not show in the layout (or not print)? I've tried the GLOB_CONTEXT to test for Layout (8), but that has no effect.

Bruce Expert
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How to migrate OFF Archicad library object?

I have the following, I guess, quite tipical task:We have placed numerous instances of an Archicad generic library part, and these object are to be upgraded -some new functionality, including new parameters, must be added. These parameters' default w...