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zone stamp in hotlink

I made a zone stamp.I put an on/off setting in it.Created in unit.mod file and hotlinked to building A.plnHere the on/off set in unit.mod works.But when I hotlink building A.pln to All.pln, everything turns on.How can I turn it off in All.pln? it is ...

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How to migrate OFF Archicad library object?

I have the following, I guess, quite tipical task:We have placed numerous instances of an Archicad generic library part, and these object are to be upgraded -some new functionality, including new parameters, must be added. These parameters' default w...

Discontinuing some REQUESTS in 3D context

Hi all! GS is considering to change the availability of some requests in 3D context. CUSTOM_AUTO_LABEL MATCHING_PROPERTIES ASSOCEL_PROPERTIES We couldn't come up with ideas why they would be useful in 3D, and it would help us technically to treat the...