About building parametric objects with GDL.

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Help with dynamic hotspots counter

Hi, I want to create a simple table like in attach where I can choose numer of internal legs and give them dynamic hotspots so I can move the freely within the table (I will use values from an array after understanding the hotspot creation. I know ho...

GDL Object reads object's properties?

Hi, I'm trying to develop a GDL object to help us with our residential masterplanning projects. I need for the object's 'number of storeys' value to affect a number of things:The object's 2D and 3D appearanceAccessible by schedulesAccessible by Graph...

Solid operations with macros

Hello, I have a door macro as a subroutine and a door handle as another subroutine. What I'm looking after is to perform a solid operation where the handle cuts the door, is it possible? Hope I made myself clear Juan

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coordinates of Zone corners

Hello everyone,is there a way in GDL or python to get the coordinates of zone corners? not the bounding box.I am also aware of the object "coordinate point". But I have more than 18,000 Zones and I cannot manually place an object at each corner. So I...

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Resolved! Inline defined materials don't appear properly

I am confused... 1. same color for a single shape is shown differently. 2. inner 3D view in gdl (during scripting, testing) and general 3D view in project doesn't match. Originally I wanted to define some materials, so despite AC language version or ...

Resolved! how to use Inline defined materials for Cprism

Is it possible to use not materials index, but kinda its name (pre-defined materials in gdl has names, not index) basically for all shapes with prism_, tube and so on ? define material 'purple' 2, 1, 0, 1 define material 'white' 2, 1, 1, 1 material '...

Tips for saving writing code

HelloI have a set of hideparameters that change depending on what option is checked (hope it makes sense) Here i have an example in the parameter script: IF no_shelf_1 = 1 THEN HIDEPARAMETER "ShelfStyles_1" HIDEPARAMETER "Shelf_1_Bottom_Limit" ENDIF ...

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Resolved! Update A with custom parameter

Hello, I have an object with a custom values for the width. When I place the object, the value that shows in the toolbar is 1000 no matter what is the right width of the object. Therefore, my question is if it is possible to update that value in the ...

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