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About building parametric objects with GDL.

GDL Polyline Object Search

Has anyone scripted a version of the amazing GDL polyline for use in 2D detailing? I'm looking for something that could be used with any livetype including the double line, fillet the turns automatically close both ends.

like these examples (mocked-up with lines and fills for the hotspots):
Think Like a Spec Writer
AC4.55 through 27 / USA AC27-4060 USA
Rhino 8 Mac
MacOS 14.2.1
Message me and we can make it happen. I think you have my email.
I have something like that, however without filleting on the verts, and no curved edges...(I made it a long time ago and there was no trigger to update)

You probably have my email from the other forum.


Know what would be great? If this request and scripting was done right here, just like it happened in this thread.

Best regards.